Resources - Student Organizations

The PRCC is here to support and assist our directly and community advised student organizations. Below are resources pertinent to student organizations and student organization leaders: 

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Sheryl Sandberg 


  • Experience and skills gained from being involved in student organization leadership (such as event planning, time management, supervision, etc.) can be applicable to your employment post-graduation. 
  •  Include your leadership experience on your resume and learn how to articulate your role within your organization to connect leadership to employment. 
  • The Harambee Leadership Retreat is the community building and primary PRCC organization leader training for Executive Board leaders of Black student organizations and community affiliates on the Rutgers - New Brunswick Campus. Harambee training dates for 2021-2022: 
    • 10/16/2021 
    • 12/4/2021  
    • 2/19/2022  
    • 3/26/2022


Accountability and Communication 

  • Eboard Accountability: Co-create a list of accountability standards and communication etiquette that you would like to hold all eboard members to and have all members agree and sign off on this list. 



Use the tips below to ensure that your student organization continues to be successful overtime 

  • Establish your organization blueprint: Create your organization’s“elevator pitch” about what you do, including your main events. 
  • Create documents future members can reference when planning meetings and events for the organization. These documents can include things such as: 
    • Event recaps: After organization events, record what went well, what could improve, what challenges did you encounter, suggestions for the future, etc. 
    • Keeping track of event attendance using the getINVOLVED campus pass attendance link. 
  • Utilize social media to document general body meetings as well as organizations through pictures and videos. 
  • When changing officers/transitioning to a new eboard, be sure to allow adequate training and shadowing opportunities for those entering a new position. 
  • Participate in opportunities such as the Involvement Fair and Harambee Leadership Retreats to spread the word about your organization and collaborate with others. 



  • Start Early: Planning an organization event is a process that can require early planning.  
    • As an organization, come up with your schedule of events for each semester and put this schedule in a central location. 
    • A program planning checklist can be found here

Programming Logistics and Policies



New Organization Recognition