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Co-Sponsor an Event or Initiative with the PRCC

The Paul Robeson Cultural Center partners regularly with other Rutgers University entities to support events and programs that foster respect and a sense of belonging for members of our university community.  The PRCC strives for programming to be student-generated and student-supported.  Funding requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and reviewed based on need, relevance, impact and audience.

To be eligible: 
- Must be a recognized student group or office/department 
- Must be open and inclusive to the Rutgers Community 
- Must align with the Center's goals and mission.

If you are interested in working with the PRCC, please complete our Co-Sponsorship form and we will follow-up with you! 

Why Co-Sponsor?

Things get bigger and better when more people and resources come together. We seek to help students and organizations develop their ideas and be aware of similar ideas with which they could partner. By supporting the activities that other student groups are planning we aim to maximize everyone's event efforts and engage a captive audience around a topic. Bringing our resources, minds, and efforts together helps everyone! 

Why co-sponsor with the Paul Robeson Cultural Center 

We connect and have relationships with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, as well as many community partners. Alumni, friends and allies regularly follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter and interact with us on a daily basis. Our diverse and inclusive constituency cares deeply about issues and topics relevant to the African diaspora and are invested in having positive impact in communities and tackling critical social issues to ensure an equitable and just world.

With the PRCC as your co-sponsor, you benefit from promotional or funding support and gain an ally who will stand with you in your efforts to raise awareness, share information and inspire action.

Student Organizations: 

How Can My Organization Co-Sponsor?

  • contribute money
  • help with promotion
  • promise strong organizational attendance
  • provide complimentary services (for example, provide or sell refreshments at an event)
  • anything else that helps create a successful community event

If your organization sees something our office is doing that it would like to be a part of or even take charge of, please contact us and we will discuss how you and your organization can take on a leadership role for the event and be recognized in promotional materials.