Alumni Community

Alumni Opportunities 

Nothing speaks more highly for a university than successful alumni who enthusiastically serve and support it. When you volunteer with the Paul Robeson Cultural Center, Student Affairs, Campus Departments, or with the Alumni Association, you not only lend your time and talents to our efforts, but you contribute to the future success of our students and programs. 

Rutgers University Alumni Association 

The Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) is a free alumni community of more than 500,000 Rutgers University alumni that works to foster Scarlet Pride through meaningful engagement of all current and future alumni. RUAA provides a breadth of services to members including: 

Additionally, the Rutgers University Alumni Association provides a number of perks and benefits to add value to your alumni experience. These benefits include but are not limited to:   

  • Career Resources  
  • Alumni Discount Card  
  • Insurance Programs  
  • Gyms & Virtual Fitness 
  • Travel Packages  
  • Private Clubs  

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About the Rutgers African American Alumni Alliance (RAAA), Inc. 

In the spirit of the predecessor organization (Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance) which was founded in 1989, the organization was relaunched in 2001 by several Alumni on the New Brunswick campus when it hosted its first annual Family and Friends day during the Homecoming weekend. Throughout the years, RAAA, Inc. continues to have an ever increasing presence on campus as a means to enhance relationships with both the student body and the University.  

RAAA, Inc. strives to foster and enhance unity amongst Alumni, students, faculty and staff of African ancestry via programming and active participation in the lives of current Rutgers students. A signature goal of RAAA, Inc goal is to affect positive change at Rutgers University and the community at large. As an alumni association they aim to support, encourage and develop our students while providing them with opportunities that may or may not have been afforded to us as we continue to highlight and celebrate the contributions of our fellow Alumni.

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