PRCC Advised Student Organization

The Paul Robeson Cultural Center’s (PRCC) mission is to foster community amongst Rutgers University - New Brunswick students, faculty, and staff so that all are engaged in educational, cultural, and social opportunities that facilitate learning and engagement. The center provides programs and services that reflect the experiences and aspirations of underrepresented students, with an emphasis on students of the African diaspora. 

The PRCC supports students through the advisement of students and student organizations, who self-identify as being a part of the African Diaspora & promotes opportunities for leadership and civic engagement.  

To stay up to date on PRCC hosted events and student organizations, subscribe to The Pulse, the official newsletter of the Paul Robeson Cultural Center.  

The United Black Council  

The United Black Council (UBC) is an umbrella organization of all African, African-American, and Afro-Caribbean student organizations on campus. The mission of UBC is to strengthen and unite the student organizations that represent the aforementioned communities. The United Black Council serves as a resource to said communities by providing relevant information to the student body and serving as a liaison to the administration (Administration includes, but is not limited to, deans, vice-chancellors, cultural center directors, and professors). We aim to serve our community and the greater Rutgers community at large. 

The United Black Council has released a Black Rutgers Greenbook as a resource guide for all organizations and resources available to Black students on campus. The Greenbook is inspired by the Jim Crow era, where laws were state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation. Thus, the Negro Motorist Green Book, popularly known as the Green Book, was a travel guide intended to help African American motorists avoid social obstacles prevalent during the period of racial segregation, commonly referred to as Jim Crow. We put this Greenbook together because many in our community feel that they need safe spaces and resources to navigate within a large institution, currently with less than 7% Black Students. The goal is to share the word and help incoming students, transfer students, and current students at Rutgers to become involved and learn more about how they can utilize tools to improve their experience as Black students on campus.  

The PRCC serves as an advisor for the following cultural student organizations.