Information on the 2022 Orientation is coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

Event Description: 

  • The Black & Retreat is an extended New Student Orientation session that will welcome students who identify as Black / from the African diaspora (ie: African, Afro-Caribbean, West Indian, African American, and many more) to Rutgers–New Brunswick. Students who participate in this session will build community with students, faculty, and staff, discover ways to get involved, resources, and tips for wellness and success. The “Black &” concept evolved from making sure students have a space that allows them to show up in all their intersecting identities. This retreat aims to provide a space that allows for people to show up fully, with all their identities and interests because we are “Black & …”.

Event Dates:

  • Please check back soon for updated information


  • Spaces are limited. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until program capacity is reached. Priority deadline: TBA
  • Students can apply for this extended new student orientation by visiting the Rutgers Enrollment Pathway.

Who can attend:

  • This session is for students who are eligible to attend New Student Orientation. It welcomes incoming students to the Rutgers community.


  • Students will gain insight into the diverse African-diaspora community at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.
  • Students will connect with various resources available on campus.
  • Students will discover opportunities for engagement and leadership develop.


  • Making connections with their peers.
  • Students will be prepared for the transition to Rutgers University.
  • Students will gain a sense of belonging at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.